Black Jaguar - Rare Sighting

The black jaguar is yet another of our worlds threatened big cats. They live mostly in central America now and love to be amongst the forest, grasses and wetlands, as they are one of the few big cats that are happy swimming. They are very elusive and it is rare for them to be seen.
Here we see one little cub looking a bit worried that his mother has put him behind some grasses while she goes off to hunt.

I painted this image using wacom intuos3 tablet and pen within Adobe CS4 hope you like it

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The little one must

The little one must understand that some things are not made for children Wink.

Anyway, these black jaguars are perfectly fitting to the evening background.


Thank you for taking a look

Thank you for taking a look and for your comments my friend



WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE black panthers and this is a gorgeous tribute to these lovely cats!

LOL! I love the kitten sitting there watching momma. Very nice work!

Thank you so much I am

Thank you so much I am pleased that you enjoyed looking at it 


What Does The Future HoldI'm


What Does The Future Hold

I'm wondering if the cub, seeing his (or is it her) mother leaving him/her is not a little concerned.  This is another 

wonderful work.  I like what you do with the Tablet, Jane.  This is a beautiful, moving work.

I am very happy that you like

I am very happy that you like this painting, I really did enjoy creating it, even though the colour of the fur was a bit tedious on the old eyes :D I tend to do a few layers of fur on each of the animals I paint so they can take a while to do, but it is nice to look at them when finished and feel a sense of achievment lol. I really must think about painting some more animals again. Thank you once more for you kind comments x


Very beautiful!


Very beautiful!


Thank you very much, it lifts

Thank you very much, it lifts my heart to get such positive comments.