The Trickster

SRG_Brennan (WIP)

Part of the fun and the work of developing a character morph is playing with them: playing with expressions, poses, lights, various hair and hair colors to see a) if they need tweaking anywhere and b) how many different looks you can 'squeeze' out of them. You never know what people are going to do with your characters when they buy them, however in the developer's mind there is a definite personality to this character that informs other things about them, like their eye colors, makeups, body art, build, etc.

Here, Brennan is shown as an elven or fae sort of character. I also made him to be a 'pretty goth boy'. He works well either way.

I don't mass-produce characters and I try not to make them cookie-cutter variations on a theme. I attempt to make them look like 'real' people rather than Barbie dolls, and give them personalities with expressions. I do often create some kind of 'off-the-wall' characters, but how they are used is only limited by the imagination and creativity of the person using them. I make them to be a certain sort of character, but they can always be just every day sorts of characters as well. I have seen what some people do with them, so I know this is true!

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