Crouching Tiger Style

An imaginary couture line advertisement in a fictitious magazine aimed at Visual Kei fans and bands.  I'm thinking there must be a "Hidden Dragon" one too  Wink

Model is SRG_Brennan (WIP)

Outfit and Boots are "Euros" by Prae

Outfit and boots textured by me with various of Parrotdolphin's Poser Mats: Oriental, Goth Revival, Dark and Metals, if memory serves. Thus the 'designer' is "Rae-Ray".

Hair is "SAV Eirene Hair" by Studio Art Vartanian

Background by me in PShop. Rendered in PP 2012.


Thanks for looking!


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A great image, well done! 

A great image, well done! 


Thank you so much, Jane!

Thank you so much, Jane! Smile

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