Making of an Entry

I had someone ask if I ever did aircraft...and saying no, decided to do a model of an RAF FE b2 bomber. An exciting project that I got carried away with even modeling wood supports and bolts no one would ever see... and then there was the engine..drool... I set off making a composition and print. A friend seeing this, they ask what kind of effort did it take. I thought it would be cool to just do a composition showing my imaginary decktop with the print and all the elements to include diet coke that I constantly have in my hand. Hopefully this looks like it might be a photo, but it is all 3D modeling : )

A Modo modeler and Vue composition artist, my work reflects many of my Poser and Vue models. I am bringing my Poser models over to YURdigital. If you see a model you are interested in, let me know so I can introduce it into my store here.

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