Exoplanet E428

With new 'exoplanets' being discovered every day, there must be more than one out there capable of supporting life. All we need to do is find a way to send our rover there to begin exploring! This is my interpretation of the sort of things we might discover, from spore-like ground plants to gigantic trees reaching up for the dim sunlight. Even some sort of reptilian life could be possible and who knows what's just over the next hill?

This was produced usig Vue 8 Studio with a little help from Poser 9

-Stephen Briggs.

I love this depiction of an

I love this depiction of an alien atmosphere! Love the lighting.

Terrific scene!

Terrific scene!

super cool!!!but where is the

super cool!!!

but where is the GML???


Beautiful, evocative lighting

Beautiful, evocative lighting - very eerie, especially the bright light in the top left corner, the reflections lower down, the rover headliights and the alien sky at dusk are all nicely balanced and really tell a story. Those plant thingies look kinda sinister, and there`s a dragon-headed snake - if NASA calls, tell them I`m busy.