In the mood for Dragons (but technically Wyverns in this case) :D
The Swidhelm's Skywyrm Bull was posed in Poser and then imported into Vue for the rest of the scene. 

One of Quadspinner's monuments was used as the rock tower (several on top of one another to give it enough height) and for the bg, I sculpted a terrain, created the eco-system and then placed the scotts pine trees in the foreground. 

DoF effect was performed in Photoshop with the Lens Blur filter using Vue's rendered z-map.

Software - Poser, Vue & Photoshop

Thanks for looking

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I love to see Swidhelm's


I love to see Swidhelm's Dragons used properly.  :) Really great work on this!!

I'm glad you like it,

I'm glad you like it, although when something's as well made as his products, it's kind of hard not to get a great result. ;) 

Speaking of great products, your archer outfit is looking amazing - I've already added it to my wishlist! :D 

True, Swidhelm has been a

True, Swidhelm has been a friend for many years, his talent always impresses me.

Thank you :) That's great to hear. I had a good time creating that set, and I'm proud to offer it here at YurDigital.

I look forward to seeing what you create with it.


Adding folds and creases

Adding folds and creases around the elbows, ankles and knees would have made it more realistic but the fact that she's in flats and the breasts don't have the 'sprayed on' look (that so many other venders have) makes this a must buy!!! Plus, she's completely covered which is amazing!!!!

A quick question though - can the quiver be used on the left hand side of the hip?

Unfortunately, RuntimeDNA with it's current Real Deal sale has cleaned up my monthly 3D product's quota so I'll need to grab it on the next time it's on sale. Cry

Your product page is now bookmarked and I wait eagerly for any future products you release!!!  Laughing

Thanks,  I thought about the

Thanks,  I thought about the the winkles thing, but decided against it at the time. For future projects I'm going to look into details like that added as morphs, so as not to complicate UV mapping.

The quiver can be manually positioned to the opposite hip, and parented to the Harness 2 - left thigh, instead of the Harness 1 - right thigh.  I personally tried this and found it to be very easy.  I provided a qiuver with arrows Figure ( where the arrows can be hidden ), as well as quiver with and without arrows Smart Props. So there are lots of options regarding that.

As for the completely covered comment, lol... I'm interested in creating cool stuff that I myself would enjoy using to create scifi fantasy art, I don't create adult themed art for the most part, so i try to make my stuff practical and functional for the theme.  On this set I already had a lot of figures and wanted to be efficient to capture the look I had in mind.  So I created a material collection style bodysuit, that would still allow people to use their favorite Skin materials for V4.  My promos all feature My Amarra Character, and Skin... then I just applied the bodysuit material collection to affect the bodusuit parts of V4, leaving her face neck, hands and feet as Amarra's SSS skin.

LOL, yeah I hear ya on the Sales, hope you got some cool stuff :)

Cool :) thanks for your interest.

Great Wyvren.  Perhaps not


Great Wyvren.  Perhaps not techniclly a dragon, but they're of the same family, so we'll call your beautiful beast a dragon.  He or she is truly ruler of his or her pinnacle an od the skies.  Great work Craggles.

I'm glad you like it! I agree

I'm glad you like it! Cool

I agree with you but I know some people are quite pasionate in pointing out the differences between them so I took the safe path. Wink