Lost at Sea

I've always liked the 'evil mermaid' concept. 

This was done using the Lost Realm mermaid and Sirens add-on texture. Her hair is Reby Sky Glamour. His outfit is Leon di Castiglia and Glyn Hair is the hair used.

The background and bubbles were created in Photoshop. I created a Bubble brush based on photo reference and painted them in.

Software - Poser & Photoshop

Thanks for looking.

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When I had seen your picture


When I had seen your picture in the random gallery, I wanted to look at it in full screen.

The picture looking in this way makes it even more fantastic to look at. I make a deep bow for this marvelous work.

I see what you mean - it is a

I see what you mean - it is a large image! :P

I'm glad you like it though. :)

Conversly I have NEVER liked


Conversly I have NEVER liked the evil mermaid idea personally because I have always loved mermaids. However, my personal views of mermaids has no bearing on the quality of this image. This is VERY well done. The poses are very convincing and the lighting is excellent! Superb job with this.