Coral Reef

Corel Reef.

This was made with the Vue 10 Infinite Pre-release.

I used the new  "physical water/transparency" feature which is a type of sub surface scattering. The new rock system was also used which is fantastic! Much better than the old low res rocks. Corals and sea plants are partly Vue and partly from the Xfrog Red Sea v2 collection, exported from xfrog 3.5 and modified inside Vue 10.

Render speed is a lot faster too in Vue, up to 30%. The new edge based AA is my favorite new rendering feature! 

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Thanks for viewing, I hope you like this work :)

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Sweet image Michel yes I like

Sweet image Michel yes I like it very much. Thanks for the info, still hankering after Vue Complete, one day I keep telling myself. :D I am really excited about the new features and render speed.