The Team at YURdigital, LLC

Clint Hawkins, YURdigital, CEOClint Hawkins - Chief Executive Officer:
With over 30 years of experience in the computer and digital art industry Clint Hawkins leads the daily operations of YURdigital. Clint’s extensive and stable work history includes 17 years as a computer engineer for Data General, three years as a Systems Administrator with S1, ten years with Bondware and three years as a successful business owner. While at Bondware Clint worked his way up from a volunteer Moderator, Product Tester, to Market Place Manager. He played an integral part of the successful and rapid growth of the Renderosity digital art marketplace. He has an intimate knowledge of what it takes to grow this type of business from the ground up. Most recently Clint spent 8 months assisting RunTimeDNA with their day-to-day operations expanding his experience, knowledge base and exemplary reputation. His technical background, business experience with two digital art brokerage sites and his own business, combined with his positive reputation put him in a position to make YURdigital the place to get exceptional digital art content from extraordinary digital artists. Recommendations
Lillian Hawkins, YURdigitial, CFOLillian Hawkins – Chief Financial Officer/Marketing Director:
After more than 15 years of international marketing, sales and distribution, customer service, and a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and cost saving ingenuity, Lillian Hawkins has the skills necessary to watch the bottom line, while projecting well into the future. Lillian worked her way up the ladder at OKI telecom from mailroom clerk to Senior International Customer Representative to an SAP Programmer and Technical Writer and Training for the Sales/Distribution and Finance modules. During the course of her time at OKI she was rewarded for her ideas that saved the company more than eighty thousand dollars annually. After a successful 10 year career at OKI, she became an independent contractor sharing her creative marketing and sales expertise to online clientele which included Bondware. As the Marketing Manager for Bondware’s Renderosity digital art division she was responsible for growing the member base from one hundred thousand members to more than half a million in four years. Most recently, with her own property management business in its third year, Lillian has been instrumental in helping communities maximize the resources they have and reducing expenses. Her experience in book keeping, sales and distribution, marketing, customer service and knowledge of the digital art industry will make it possible to get the word out about YURdigital while keeping costs down. Recommendations
Chris PattersonChris Patterson – Chief Technical Officer:
Chris has more than 15 years of solid technical experience and highly focused training. He started with Wang Laboratories in 1995 and has worked for MCI Internet Services, TAD Data Services, Data General, Axiom Systems, Association for Information Systems and Intelligist. He is the owner and administrator of several Internet based domains, which are for personal and public use, as well as for private testing and learning. Chris has experience as a Microsoft Mail Support Engineer and Microsoft Windows NT Support Engineer and has extensive knowledge of Microsoft Internet Information Server, as well as other web server solutions such as Apache, NCSA, Netscape, and O’Reilly. He is well versed with HTML and web page design and implementation and TCP/IP Video Conferencing. He passed many Certification Exams and continues to actively expand his technical knowledge base. Chris’s experience and knowledge base make him an integral part of the YURteam and our resident "Programming Ninja".

Dee Marie Freelance Journalist Award Winning AuthorDee Marie - Premier Writer:
Dee-Marie is a well known, professional, freelance journalist and award winning author. Dee-Marie has been established as the "Oprah Winfrey" of the artist interview. Dee-Marie previously served as the Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief of an international, printed CGI magazine. She invites you to visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and her Sons of Avalon website.



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