YURdigital is going out of business

YURdigital is going out of business. We would like to thank all the amazing artists and brilliant content developers that have been a part of our creative adventure over the last 7 years. We have tried hard to make each one of you happy through exceptional customer service and we are very grateful to you for trusting in us for your digital content solutions.

As a result of this decision, we will not be taking any more orders after May 28, 2017. Please make sure that you download any past orders you need prior to May 31, 2017. We will be disabling the site on this date.

Please contact us at Admin@YURdigital.com if you have any questions.

On behalf of the entire YURdigital team we would like to thank each and every one of you for your past business and support.

Keep on creating!!
Clint, Lillian and Chris

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Hey Clint,

Will the PICK product work in DAZ Studio or just Poser?  Since it's in .obj  i should be able to import it anyway, right? Or into Unreal Engine?  ~Mike

Hi Mike,Yes, The OBJ files

Hi Mike,
Yes, The OBJ files should import into UE4 without issues. You can use PICK in DAZ Studio but some of the parts mau not work properly in regards to morphs and such...but overall it will work fine. The materials/shaders will probably need some work in DAZ Studio as well.

YUR going out of business...

How very sad - like Dana, I've bought limited Product;  but I'm so sorry for YUR Digital that it's come to this. 

I thank all three of you for your sterling efforts over the years, and wish you all my very best, for whatever your combined - or respective - futures may hold.  ColinB, Sydney, Australia.

Sorry to hear about this.  I

Sorry to hear about this.  I have made admittedly a few purchases here over the years.  Money has not been abundant for me.  It's sad to see another store go.  Is it due to health issues?  Maybe that's none of my business.


Hi Dana,We simply couldnt get

Hi Dana,

We simply couldnt get a strong foothold in the market after trying for almost 7 years and have decided to move on to some new adventures.

All the best,

What the ....

First RDNA and now you... I will miss those monthly newsletters and getting on here to see what's up... I know I haven't been online here lately as RL keeps interfering with my free time. I would like to get those expansions for PICK. Already have the base for Sci-Fi and the other plain.  Thought I would have time and money to get them. Looks like I have neither now. Cry  I'll try to get it some time before the 27th.  If not here, then where can I get the expansion set. Also what happened to the style expansion for PICK? Where is it now?


Hi Fran,I hope you will be

Hi Fran,

I hope you will be able to grab PICK before we go away. Its a super fun system to use for building.
I'm not sure if or when PICK will be available after we close. I have to see about locating a good home for it.
In regards to the Styles product from DarkStarBurning, Its no longer available as a single product since DSB closed their store a while back.

Great to hear from you!!

Hi, Clint...Have you try

Hi, Clint...

Have you try ShareCG or Renderosity. ShareCG also has a paying store... It's not just a freebie store. 

Nice to hear from you, too!