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zBrush Alien Sculpting Model ZTL Pixologic Tutorial Alien zBrush Tutorial Bundle

A collection of 3 fantastic zBrush tutorials from the acclaimed zBrush artist Josh Crockett.

Dive into the world of zBrush and learn techniques from a master zBrush sculptor.

All tutorials are in high resolution (1920 x 1080 / 1080p HD) with voice over narration from Josh Crockett.
Well over 5 hours of instruction!!

This amazing bundle includes the following 3 tutorials:

  • Introduction to...
Vue EON training tutorial masterclass 3D Art Live MasterClass - Creating a Realistic Jungle in Vue
D and D Creations

After our début MasterClass Tutorial series “Animating Nature“, we were eager to plan our next sessions. Since our first MasterClasses Tutorial covered a very complex and rather technical topic, we decided that in our next class, we’ll focus more on the creative side of making an artwork in Vue. Of course there are some useful technical tips we can’t and don’t even want to skip, but in this class we won’t have to worry about render time per frame, flickering and unpredictable render costs....

Tutorial SmithMicro Poser Render Passes Firefly 3D tutorial S1M Secrets of Poser Revealed: Render Passes
Sixus1 Media

This amazing tutorial includes over an hour of instruction from Les Garner of Sixus1 Media. Provided in 7 MP4 files covering compositing and post-work using render passes, giving you new skills to enhance your artwork like never before!!

Audio and video instruction in 960 x 540 resolution!

This Tutorial Includes:

  • Part 1: Overview - A brief introduction to the concepts that are covered...
Tutorial MP4 Poser Smith Micro Morphing tool audio video S1M Secrets of Poser Revealed: The Morphing Tool
Sixus1 Media

Learn how to use the very powerful Poser Morphing Tool from one of the pros, Les Garner of Sixus1 Media.

There is over 60 minutes of audio and video instruction in 960 x 540 resolution!

This Tutorial Includes:

  • Part 1: Basic Functions
    In this section we cover the basic functions of the Morphing Tool with explanations in layman's terms about each of the actions it is capable of....
Vue EON training tutorial masterclass 3D Art Live Function Editor Masterclass- The Heart Of Vue - Mastering The Function Editor
D and D Creations

When we’re walking in a forest, hiking in the mountains or just watching a nature documentary, if we look a bit closer, we can notice different infinite patterns or fractals. On the ground, on the slope of a cliff, on the surface of a rock, the way plants grow, on the trunk of a tree, in the waves of the water, where the sea meets the shore; Mother Nature is a beautiful, giant pile of timelessly evolving and forming fractals.

Those of us who have a trained eye in building nature in 3D...