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Artwork of Drea Horvath screensaver windows free Artwork of Drea Horvath Free Screensaver
A couple of weeks ago my good friend Gill Brooks was so kind to create a screensaver, containing a selection of my favorite renders. This time I would like to thank you all for all the support and feedback I've got that helped me in my Vue work by giving away this screensaver for free. If you enjoy my art, just feel free to download and install it to your computer; this is my gift to you....
Artwork of Michel Rondberg Screensaver free Artwork of Michel Rondberg Screensaver
Michel Rondberg

 I decided to give away a free screen saver for Windows computers.
It contains over 50 pieces of my artwork.

It works with, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

This is for the people that enjoy my art, it is a gift to you all!

The developer owns the copyright and/or has the rights to distribute all of the content contained within this ZIP file.

"Rebirth" free jigsaw puzzle and animated screensaver "Rebirth" Jigsaw Puzzle & Free Animated Screen Saver

This pack includes a digital jigsaw puzzle and an animated screen saver - all for free!

Artwork "Rebirth" created by Drea Horvath
Softwares created by Ken Martin