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ebook e-book comic digital 3D Creech Poser Smith Micro New Likes - a Poserverse Adventure

This is a 20 page Computer Generated Comic tale featuring Poser's built in heavy, Creech, only cast as a Poserverse traveling happy go lucky adventurer!

This Product Includes:

  • New Likes  - a Poserverse Adventure 3D Comic

Included File Formats:

  • .PDF

For more information about Creech or other Poserverse...

ebook e-book comic digital 3D Creech Poser Smith Micro Sins of The Old Father - Sire of Vampires Versus Hell's Emissary

After hundreds of years of undeath, the Old Father, sire of all vampires, finds himself face to face with Hell's emissary, the Respawner who's only access to Earth comes via her murdered host. The battle takes place beneath the street's of Mutantville, portal to the strange and unknown in eastern North Carolina.

This Respawner Tale unfolds in 22 high resolution pages. An 8 page Creech mini adventure is included to round out this 32 page comic.