Sacred Things

Sacred things for Vue
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Sacred Things
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Sacred Things for Vue

SACRED THINGS is an eclectic set of objects for Vue with fantasy renders in mind, many with Celtic symbols.

Create any length of arches by duplicating the extention in Vue 7 or newer.

The set consists of star shaped altars, a traditional altar and cloth, Celtic portals, stone bench and pedestal, podiums, arches, a curious wonky font and boxes for keeping all kinds of secret things in, and an old decaying wall with an archway that can be used as a backdrop or 'look through', and finally, a simple floor object that can be resized or duplicated to fit your scene.

The altar cloth comes with a Celtic pattern but you can change the material to any pattern you want. Please refer to your User Manual if you do not know how to do this.

The developer owns the copyright and/or has the rights to distribute all of the content contained within this ZIP file.


System Compatibility:
PC/MAC Compatible

Software Compatibility:
Vue 7 and newer

3rd party products needed:

Detailed Images
Altars, Stone bench for Vue Podium, Arches, Wall, Boxes for Vue Altar, Portals, Wonky Font for Vue Artistic Render of Sacred Things for Vue