Realms Art Limitless Metal Materials

EON Vue Materials Metal Corroded MAT
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Realms Art Limitless Metal Vue Materials
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Full Description

This Vue materials pack contains over 500 metal materials, and represents, with the exception of a few oddities, every metal and popular alloy known to mankind, as well as a few fanciful ones (included is everything from Tolkien's Mithril, to Star Trek's Gold-Pressed Latinum).

Better still, the corrosion is achieved using Vue material layers and this allows easy customization for a unique Vue material in a matter of seconds. In effect, this means that millions of distinct Vue materials are possible. The corrosion settings included in this pack are a pre-set of the most popular looks -- they can be applied in a few clicks, and do not require any customization.

This Product Includes:

  • 175 Base Vue Materials (.MAT)
  • 59 Corroded – Even (.MAT)
  • 59 Corroded – Strata (horizontal) (.MAT)
  • 59 Corroded – Patches (.MAT)
  • 59 Corroded – Streaks (vertical) (.MAT)
  • 59 Corroded – Complex (.MAT)
  • 34 Fictional (.MAT)
  • A 27-page manual included gives detailed instructions on use and customization (.PDF)

The developer owns the copyright and/or has the rights to distribute all of the content contained within this ZIP file.


System Compatibility:
PC and Mac

Software Compatibility:
Vue 8 (any version) or higher

3rd Party Products Needed:

The End User License Agreement for this product is:
3D Content EULA

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