Foggy Walk

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Foggy Walk
© Copyright: Rowan Chisholm

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This product includes 18 photographic backgrounds in jpg format, and at 180 dpi.  They are 4000 x 3000 pixels (12 megapixels).  Photos were taken 2013 with a Canon PowerShare SX130.  Whole packet is a little over 54 Mb and was created with Photoshop on a PC.

The photos are of a trail in the Snoqualmie Valley area of western Washington state which used to be a railway track, but which was made into a hiking/biking path and paved.  I took pictures of a variety of trail bends and mist densities.   I also took pictures of the old railway trestle that's part of the trail...which has a 50 foot drop off of the middle of it.

The January day that I took my hike was subfreezing and there was freezing mist coating the eerie trees and making the ground icy.  This would work for late fall, winter or early spring backgrounds.

These pictures would also be perfect for mystery, horror, science-fiction, or Halloween backgrounds.  Just what is lurking just out of sight in that fog down the trail?  Is that dark shape moving in the fog that runner that passed you a few minutes ago....or is it something else that's crawled, clambered, or slithered onto the trail looking for another victim?

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