Realms Art Genesis Jeans

DAZ Studio DAZ3D Genesis Jeans Leather Denim Textures
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Realms Art Genesis Jeans
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Full Description

Jeans are perhaps the most popular and widespread form of casual trousers. The original “blue jeans” where first popularized by American cowboys in the 1870s. Later, in the 1950s, they became a symbol of teenage rebellion following James Dean’s film Rebel Without a Cause. Today they are widespread, popular, and come in a huge number of styles, colours and materials.

The Realms Art Genesis Jeans can be applied to a large variety of scenes, is easy to use, and covers many styles, materials, and colours. It also has user adjustable grunge to generate even more variety by applying various levels of fade, distress, oil, dirt, mud, grass, dust, etc.

This package contains the following:

  • Jeans conforming wardrobe item.

  • 74 materials that can be loaded directly to the jeans.

  • 20 generic coloured fabric shaders.

  • 44 fabric textile shaders.

  • 14 material zones to which any combination of shaders can be quickly loaded

  • 20 fitment, style and other morphs.

  • 4 update morphs to the Realms Art Genesis T-Shirt and Realms Art Genesis Tank Top making those items fully compatible with the jeans.

  • PDF document covering the use of the item.

Key features:

  • Supports all Genesis derived figures via Auto-Follow.

  • Supports all Genesis morphs via Auto-Follow.

  • Independent control of jeans colour, fade, distress, and a variety of grunge (oil, mud, dirt, grass, dust, etc) allowing mixing and matching to generate many thousands of variations.

  • Vast number of included, fully realized jeans materials covering denim, leather, latex, corduroy, distressed, and several grungy variations.

  • Denim jeans, of various colours, has individual user controls over fade, covering normal fade, acid wash and stone wash.

  • Separately controlled distress can add either age or fashionable damage to the jeans.

  • Separate controls can add a variety of holes to match distress patterns.

  • Included shaders can be used on any item, not just the included clothing.

  • Especially designed for a high level of interchangeability with other Realms Art items. Update morphs in this package ensure that the jeans are fully compatible with all previously released Realms Art Genesis items.

Bonus: If you want a free, unique texture to go with the jeans, simply “Like” the Realms Art Facebook page ( and gain access to it, plus other periodic freebies, as well as development news of exciting upcoming products.

The developer owns the copyright and/or has the rights to distribute all of the content contained within this ZIP file.


System Compatibility:

Software Compatibility:
DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher

3rd Party Products Needed:
Genesis figure from DAZ3D

The End User License Agreement for this product is:
3D Content EULA

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dson installer for poser genesis content.

Does this item have the dson importer so it will work with the young teens by thorne, for poser9? 



Hi Jim,I realise we talked

Hi Jim,

I realise we talked this through by email but I'll reply to this post so that anyone who might be following this can also be kept up to date.

This item, along with my other Genesis offerings, only works in DAZ Studio 4.5. I tested the DSON importer very thoroughly and found a number of bugs with it, as well as noting that it only implements some of the advanced features of DAZ Studio. In short, to effectively use Genesis, you should do it in DAZ Studio and not in Poser -- I mean this not just for my items, but for many other Genesis items from other vendors, even from DAZ themselves.

DAZ Studio Pro 4.5 is still available free from (at the time of writing this), so you may consider grabbing a copy to test it and compare it to Poser 9.

In my products I do use the advanced functionality of DAZ Studio, including the Layered Image Editor (LIE) as well as the advanced features of the auto-follow function. Neither of these have been implemented in the DSON importer and are therefore not available in Poser (The auto-follow functionality that the DSON importer implements in Poser 9 is a more basic version compared to that in DAZ Studio).