The Source - Ginger

Human Skin Photo Photographic reference
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The Source - Ginger
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This amazing human skin photo reference package includes 136 evenly lit high resolution images from a variety of poses design to make the extraction of a 2D body map quick and easy. Use this package to create ultra realistic human skin body maps for your 3D figures.

Our model, Ginger is a light skinned Caucasian with red hair and freckles.

She has an array of small tattoos.

** These images were shot in a professional photography studio with extremely even lighting. **

Greybro is one of the original pioneers of human skin photo reference products. He blazed a trail that many have tried to followed. He continues to push the envelope in regards to photographic quality and production. Making his photo reference products an extremely valuable resource for digital artists. Brent is proud to offer his latest photo reference line exclusively through YURdigital.

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PC/MAC Compatible

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Any software that can open the .JPG file format

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