Zombie Voice Pack

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Zombie Voice Pack
© Copyright: Vanishing Point / JHoagland

Full Description

This pack contains 44 voiceover Zombie vocal parts, including slurs, moans, and growls. Also contains Child Zombie effects too.

This Product Includes:

  • Child Zombie_1
  • Child Zombie_2
  • Child Zombie_3(Hiss attack)
  • Child Zombie_4(Tireless)
  • Child Zombie_5(Dont Leave Me)
  • Child Zombie_6(Dont Leave Me V2)
  • Child Zombie_7
  • Child Zombie_8
  • Child Zombie_9(Help me)
  • Child Zombie_10(Help Me V2)
  • Child Zombie_11
  • Child Zombie_12(Come Back)
  • Child Zombie_13(Come Back)
  • Child Zombie_14(Come Back)
  • Zombie_1
  • Zombie_2
  • Zombie_3
  • Zombie_4
  • Zombie_5(Bad Breath)
  • Zombie_6
  • Zombie_7(Growler)
  • Zombie_8(Surprise)
  • Zombie_9(Sore Throat)
  • Zombie_10
  • Zombie_11
  • Zombie_12(Help Me)
  • Zombie_13(Short)
  • Zombie_14(Short Growl)
  • Zombie_15(Dont Leave Me)
  • Zombie_16
  • Zombie_17
  • Zombie_18(Eating)
  • Zombie_19
  • Zombie_20(Grunt 2)
  • Zombie_20(Grunt 3)
  • Zombie_20(Grunt)
  • Zombie_21(Breathing)
  • Zombie_22(Raspy Breathing)
  • Zombie_23(Breathy Sleep)
  • Zombie_24(Restless)
  • Zombie_25(Tireless)
  • Zombie_26(Anger)
  • Zombie_DontLetMeBeOneOfThem
  • Zombie_Eating
  • Zombie_HelpMe

Included File Formats:

  • .MP3
  • .OGG

Fully licensed for use in animations, videos, and games.

Original product by Arteria3D, sold here with full permission.

The developer owns the copyright and/or has the rights to distribute all of the content contained within this ZIP file.


System Compatibility:
PC/MAC Compatible

Software Compatibility:
Any software that can play MP3 or OGG file formats

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